Hosting a Fabulous Halloween Party

Halloween-Party-Ideas-Outdoor-Halloween-Decoration-1Halloween is no longer a time when kids don costumes and go trick or treating. Now, it’s the best time of the year to show off your most fabulous self. But let’s kick it up a notch this year. Instead of being a guest at a party, why not try your hand at hosting a Halloween party that people would not easily forget.  Decorating home fit for a Halloween Party is actually the easy part. For everything else, follow our simple tips:

Food and drinks. Organize a giant pot luck instead of cooking your own meals yourself and shouldering the burden of feeding the masses all on your own. You can even call it “Bring Your Own Victim or Sacrifice” or BYOVS and watch the ghouls, witches and demons get involved in the festivities by bringing in their own signature cuisines. But of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put effort. Pick up a Halloween-themed cake and create your favourite alcoholic concoctions for your guests.

Music. Create a party playlist if you don’t have a DJ. Choose songs which match and create the atmosphere you want to achieve for your party. If you’re still a bit lost, then ask a friend whose passion is music and ask him or her to create the perfect playlist for your party.

Guests. Every peer group has drama. It doesn’t end in high school. You might have to be a bit more discerning when choosing your guests because you have to be aware of people who might disrupt your party’s vibe. A burly drag queen fight might be fun but it would be much better if every person in your party got along. Enjoy the party and avoid having to do damage control.

Entertainment. When it comes to games, go for the ones which would elicit the most laughs but keep in mind to keep it PG-13 if there’s a chance your mom might be stopping by. Some tried and tested games are “Pin the Tail on the Republican” and “Twister”. And there’s nothing wrong with putting on a show! Find friends who would be willing to do a drag performance or a dance number with hot back up dancers to make Lady Gaga jealous.

When playing the host, remember that the more hype there is, then the more memorable your party is!

And after playing the host, it’s time to reward yourself for creating fun memories for yourself and your friends. Check in to the Cabanas Guest House and pamper yourself with their wide array of services!